Rogate Czapki, Rogate Serca

by Ludola

(free) 03:45


After the Early Spring's gone it is time to leave beloved girl and go to war... And embrace the fate of lonely soldier lost among battles and birch forests. The journey into past goes on even further, and the bayonets aimed at modernity are even sharper.

On this album, consisting of 10 military-folk songs, Ludola dives deeper into romantic insurgent traditions of Poland, from which we can today only learn. And thus, again seeds of longing are sown, and grief is to be harvested. But this time with a pinch of hope...



released September 26, 2012

Janek - vocals, music
Zośka - vocals
Jarosław - accordion
Uniewit - mix,, mastering



all rights reserved


Ludola Poland

"Przedwiośnie" CD (Bunkier Productions 2011)

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Track Name: Gdy umrę...
Many years have passed
Many storms have raged
But elderberries bloomed still
And wind was singing among birches
We marched through the woods
When hateful dawn have risen
Forest welcomed us, the cursed
And many of us still sleep among it

You mocked us
You didn't give a damn about our efforts
But we were still, tirelessly,
Carried by honour into battle
You laughed straight in the face
Of those, whose hearts were pure
But flame didn't stop burning
It still burns in us

And when I will die, and the world forgets me
Bury me in this soil, that drank the blood for so many years
Upon my grave there will grow a birch
A lonely one among the fields
And she will tell the winds
About the soldier that lies beneath her

You mock us today
You don't give a damn about our efforts
You have no idea, what was the honour
That led us to battle
You laugh straight into face
Of those, whose hearts are pure
But flame is still burning
Burning inside us
Years are passing
Storms are still raging
But elderberries still bloom
And wind sings among birches
Forests dream of us now
When the new dawn rises
And only woods remember
Who is sleeping among them
Track Name: Dusza Powstańca
We were keeping watch from dawn till dusk
Whole life in service for mother's heart
Our mother is the fertile land of our fathers
That gave birth to all those brave boys
But this land is not only woods and meadows
Not only crowds and strange masses
It's the kiss of your beloved girl
It's a calm place, that heals your wounds

And we went into battle - proud insurgents defending our families and lands
Our banners fly high, order - "attack, do not step back"
Even though outnumbered and destined to die
Each of us would hear the fatherland's call - "Next generation shall fight for me once more!"

By the fire we were reminiscing our lands
Every one would give his life for their safety
Be it mountain kingdom
Or the brotherhood of golden fields and woods
Someone left seaside towns
Another one were awaited by eternal lakes
But every and each one have buried his heart in this land
And kept a memory of it in his soul - forever

Do not weep for us, girls
Our duty calls us
Maybe we'll return with the Spring
Beautiful spring for this land

We shall wait for you, brave soldiers
Even though our young hearts cry with longing
But even if you die in battles
Please bring us back this lost Spring...